The mining sector is a high-potential source of revenue generation for countries endowed with natural resources. However, many nations have struggled to derive maximum benefits from mining due to a variety of challenges and issues such as burdensome bureaucratic process, a lack of transparency, the loss of key data, incomplete and inaccurate information and illegal occupancy by unlicensed miners.

West Blue Consulting has developed a suite of mining solutions that enable the end-to-end automation of mining and mineral licensing applications and approval processes, benefitting all stakeholders in the mining industry.  The solutions have can be easily configured, adapted and fit for use within a short period.

Geo-Mining Portal

The Geo-Mining Portal is a geographic information system (GIS) enabled central repository platform that serves as a single point of disseminating mining information as both geospatial and non-spatial data are collated, analysed, stored and managed. It is a highly scalable, robust and flexible application that supports data integration from different sources for the purposes of disseminating information through both maps or spatial reporting.

Mining Cadastral Solution

The Mining Cadastral Solution is a web-based application integrated with GIS capabilities. The solution provides a platform for investors, mining operators, corporate organisations and Individuals to lodge online application for mineral titles-related transactions. Users are able to select a free cadastral unit area of interest from the map and upon selection, the information is saved and submitted along with other details and supporting documents for processing and issuance in real time.

Solid Minerals Portal

The Solid Minerals Portal is a one-stop shop for the dissemination of minerals and mining information to all stakeholders in the mining industry. The portal has GIS integration capabilities with an interface for the lodgment of environmental applications, artisanal applications, explosives licensing and permits applications, mines operational applications, mineral production returns and online payment of royalty fees in addition to other transactional fee.

The platform maintains a comprehensive database of information stored in a central repository for easy processing, management, transparency and accountability.

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With the implementation of the paperless ports, Ghana has saved more than 500 million USD according to a report from the University of Ghana

Mahamudu Bawumia
Vice-president, Ghana
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