Most countries have multiple custodians of vehicle information, each maintaining separate vehicle records.  For example, customs authorities have databases of imported and exported vehicles, insurance companies keep details of insured vehicles using a different platform, manufacturers maintain details of vehicles manufactured, licensing authorities keep details of vehicle plate numbers while other stakeholders keep different vehicle related transactional details.

West Blue has developed a web-based and scalable automobile repository solution that acts as a centralised database for vehicle information. The solution enables vehicle licensing automation, information dissemination and supports interoperability with other systems.

National Automotive Repository Portal (NARP)

The National Automotive Repository Portal (NARP) is a centralised database that captures information on all vehicles in the country to facilitate optimal tracking by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) via a web portal, mobile app and USSD.

The portal is an effective, sustainable system that allows timely collaboration and interoperability among

o          G2G – Government to Government

o          G2C – Government to Citizen and

o          C2C – Citizen to Citizen

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With the implementation of the paperless ports, Ghana has saved more than 500 million USD according to a report from the University of Ghana

Mahamudu Bawumia
Vice-president, Ghana
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