As the world continues to face wide-spreading epidemics such as Ebola, COVID-19 and Lassa fever, West Blue Consulting is supporting the global community with a proprietary health surveillance solution with integrated geospatial capabilities to assist policy makers and health authorities in planning, monitoring, managing, curbing the spread of disease. Uniquely, our solutions also disseminate valuable information on epidemics and disease management to the general public through digital content and social interactions.

Epidemic Response Hub

The Epidemic Response Hub is a public health surveillance solution with a management reporting tool, integrated geographic information system (GIS) capabilities and a two-way (government and citizens) interactive spatial tool for reporting cases, collating, analysing and managing data on epidemics and disease management.  The hub enables efficient planning and aids effective decision making for fund utilisation and resources allocation.

Key Population Unique Identification System (KPUIS)

The Key Population Unique Identification System (KPUIS) is a secured information portal developed to capture and manage information on key populations, track all services rendered by implementer/donor agencies to help in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS and related diseases using the latest technology in order to uniquely identify them.

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With the implementation of the paperless ports, Ghana has saved more than 500 million USD according to a report from the University of Ghana

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