Port administrations are increasingly faced with the issue of port congestion, largely due to inefficient operational processes of the many stakeholders working at the port. Our range of state-of-the-art solutions automates and optimises day-to-day processes, significantly improving the decision making of port administrations, and enhancing the visibility, efficiency, reliability, security and competitiveness of their operations due to improved fluidity of cargo flows.

Bay Allocation Management System (BAMS)

BAMS is an intelligent decision support system that helps terminal operators manage port operations efficiently. The system automatically assigns cargo containers to available customs-controlled examination bays using algorithms programmed in the application, such as first in first out (FIFO). The system provides the real time status of container processes which enhance transparency and fairness at the port. Customs and other government agency (OGA) partners can easily monitor the real time positional movement of cargo containers at the port.

eManifest System (Air & Sea)

The e-Manifest modules interface with the shipping lines/agents and airlines/agents’ systems to create, submit, register, modify their electronic manifest automatically to authorised agencies such as customs and Terminal operators before the arrival of cargo in a destination country. The platform uses the latest IATA Cargo XML protocols (XFFM, XFWB, XFHL and XFNM etc.) for air manifest, and the WCO compliant data modelling in the CUSCAR/XML/EDI format for sea manifest.

The manifest system also interfaces with our pre-declaration processing application where manifests and import data are filed and linked directly to their corresponding importer declaration, thereby ensuring that specific goods have been exported or have not entered the economy without proper import processing.

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With the implementation of the paperless ports, Ghana has saved more than 500 million USD according to a report from the University of Ghana

Mahamudu Bawumia
Vice-president, Ghana
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