ICT Training and Capacity Building

We build capacity and manpower skills in the area of ICT and trade facilitations

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ICT Training and Capacity Building

Our Training and Development work has included Capacity building and training projects that focus on understanding the obstacles that inhibit people, business entities, governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations from realizing their developmental goals. We focus on strengthening the capabilities of organizations, enabling them achieve measurable and sustainable results through enhancing existing knowledge and skills, inculcating the process of learning and adapting to change, strategy and policy formulation, organizational re-structuring and methods of management etc.

Our Consultants have also worked on developing specially customised training and development programmes to suit individual organizational needs. These projects typically cover the full cycle from programme design to curriculum development and programme implementation.

Our Training delivery include:

  • Corporate Training Solution
    • Tailored Training Solutions for Organisation.
    • Information and Communication Technology Training
    • In-Plant Training
    • On-site Training
    • Soft Skills and Performance Improvement Training Programme
    • Management Training Programme
    • International Certification Training
  • ELECTRONIC Exam Testing Solutions
    • Employee Promotion Exercises
    • Job Interviews and Aptitude Test
    • Institutional Entrance Exam/Test
  • Learning and Development Facilitation
    • Conduct of Training Need Assessment for Organisations
    • Provision of Training and Learning Environment for third parties
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