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Business Situation:

The increasing complexity of international trade and the challenges of striking a balance between Trade facilitation, Revenue Protection, National Security and Customs autonomy while ensuring compliance with World Customs Organization standards.


To overcome the disparate sources and medium of information on trade, the trade Information Portal provides information digitally and centrally for all the different ministries, departments, agencies and stakeholders involved in trade globally using latest technologies and mobile application for easy access.


  • Content Management System
  • Commodity Classification Tool
  • Customs Procedure Code System
  • Currency Converter
  • Duty Calculator
  • Freight Rate Calculator
  • Market Place
  • Trade Hub Community
  • Social Media Integration
  • Live Chat and Support


  • Content Management System
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Payment Gateway


Trade Hub Information Portal provides a single platform where all trade related information is collected and made readily available for searching and viewing, thereby saving time and expense for the trading community.

  • Multi dimension view of requirements at the commodity code level i.e. for each commodity code of interest, the regulating agencies, processes, documents, processing time and cost, prohibition view, duty rates etc. are provided
  • Business guide and reliable reference tools for traders wishing to conduct trade.
  • Awareness of requirements to enable compliance with customs and other agency requirements for the import or export of goods.
  • Elimination of conflicting advice and guidelines as the Trade Information Portal becomes the single authoritative reference point.
  • Increased transparency in the conduct of business.
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