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Single window to facilitate Trade.

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Business Situation:

The increasing complexity of international trade and the challenges of striking a balance between Trade facilitation, Revenue Protection, National Security and Customs autonomy whilst ensuring compliance with World Customs Organization standards.


The single window application platform is a web application hosted centrally on a web server with a centralized database server. West Blue implements this solution to help automate the trade supply chain business processes hereby reducing time and cost of business operation; Increase productivity; Improve transparency and Integrity in ease of doing business.


  • User Registration with single sign-on features.
  • Agent License Registration.
  • Electronic submission of documents.
  • Generation of electronic permits
  • Ports and Vessel management
  • E-Payment Connectivity and Settlement.
  • Ability to submit inspection report electronically
  • Ability to Integrate with third party systems
  • Application Tracking and Auditing.
  • Inspection Scheduling
  • Reporting


  • Content Management System
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Payment Gateway


The single window application platform provides a centralized platform for submission and processing of trade applications, improved communication and enhanced resource productivity.
Key benefits of the process include:

  • Correct (and often increased) revenue yield.
  • Better investment climate leading to increased inward investment.
  • Better service delivery to traders.
  • Improved ability to monitor activity for national security purposes.
  • Effective processes and procedures.
  • Enhanced security, Increased Integrity and transparency.
  • Enhanced staff capacity and effective resource allocation.
  • Improve trader compliance.
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