National Import & Export Permit System

A portal built to enable hassle-free electronic submission of application for permits and certificates.

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National Import & Export Permit System

NIEPS is a reliable, sustainable and effective application portal built to enable hassle-free electronic submission of application for permits and certificates. The application can suffice as a hybrid system such that it can act as an interfacing or an integrating system. The application automates all the manual operational process of handling permits, certificates and Inspection operations. It uniquely identifies commodity with its HS-Codes according to the international standard for commodity identification. With the robust inbuilt workflow engine, the permit application is efficiently processed for approval and issuance of E- permit hence, facilitating trade and making trade easier and simple.


This solution is suitable for deployment at any food and drug administration/control agencies, permit issuing agencies etc.


  • Highly secure, reliable and scalable
  • User friendly Interface and easy to use application.
  • Efficient user authentication and authorization policy.
  • Integrated with Short Message Service (SMS) and E-mail Services
  • Flexible reporting capabilities
  • Extensible document management
  • Strong Compliance Monitoring and quality-Audit Trail.
  • Easily accessible from all major web browsers on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Integrate easily with third party applications and varieties of data sources
  • Users Registration: Allows traders to be registered as users on the system, verifying the users’ company information with the database of the Agencies responsible for company registration and tax certificate.
  • Provides an integrated and interfaced workspace to capture Permit application
  • Manages Permit application end to end starting from intent to apply down to when the permit is issued. Hence, enhancing information flow within the system.
  • Stores information on inspection activities such as, inspection date and inspection report, and the inspection team.
  • Provides System configurations/Parameter setup, alert Notification enabling security and controls required for the NIEPS system.
  • Intuitive workflow approval feature that allows internal users to be easily configure up to N number approval level. Ensures application is routed to the approving officer(s) configured.
  • Provides an electronic mode of payment using the payment gateway
  • Ability to generate permit electronically


The implementation of this solution has helped to eliminate redundant process, streamlined business processes, and increase efficient deployment of resources. Other benefit includes:

  • Enhanced risk analysis and management and improved security
  • Increase productivity and service delivery lead times.
  • Improved communication and detailed reporting
  • Improved revenue collection
  • Lodgement of documents from anywhere at anytime
  • Effective risk profiling of traders to aid compliance
  • Better service delivery to traders
  • Alert notification of tasks to officers to aid efficient time managed
  • Improved efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Efficiency gains from the automation of procedures
  • Greater transparency and Accountability
  • Increased trader confidence and positive sentiment
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