National Automotive Repository Portal

NARP is built as a central repository to keep VIN of vehicles manufactured and imported into the country.

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National Automotive Repository Portal

National Automotive Repository Portal is built as a central repository to keep Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) information of vehicles manufactured and imported into the country. Vehicle identification number (VIN) is the identifying code for any SPECIFIC automobile. It contains unique combination of 17 letters and numbers that is assigned to the vehicle when built and the unique identifier stays with the vehicle throughout its life. It sets each vehicle apart from the millions of vehicles out there. It displays a car's uniqueness and manufacturer.


National Automotive Repository portal is designed to capture, store and collate relevant information on Vehicles such as the vehicle details from the manufacturer, registration details such as ownership, Vehicle maintenance record, incident or accident related record, crime information and vehicle disposal information. This information is processed and used to generate holistic information called Vehicle history report which in-turn can aid security agencies and the citizens in carefully identifying vehicles that can be purchased.

The emergence of NARP allows collaboration and interoperability among:

  • G2G - Government to Government
  • G2C - Government to Citizen and
  • C2C - Citizen to Citizen

The National Automotive Repository Portal would strongly assist in combating Vehicle related crimes. It would also help to easily track and trace a Vehicle from the factory to the Vehicle owner, from Vehicle inception to its disposal.

Benefits(For Government):

  • Supports data exchange among the other Government Agencies system to keep an up-to date database information of Vehicle Identification Number.
  • Provide government with statistical and intelligence reports for effective decisions in policy.
  • Enable Vehicle related crimes to be jointly combated. Crimes such as smuggling, theft, falsification of vehicle Information for insurance and under declaration to evade correct duty, taxes and fees.
  • Improve coordination and cooperation between Government Agencies
  • Enforcement of data standards across agencies such as the use of the correct VIN format.
  • Ensure accurate information and improved services.
  • Improved transparency and predictability of government processes
  • Increased compliance with vehicle registration requirements and regulations
  • Increased capabilities for law enforcement

Benefits(For Citizenry):

  • Provides basic and detailed Vehicle history report. The report shows details such as basic Vehicle information, past ownership, vehicle maintenance, title history blemishes, accident history, car title check, etc.
  • Reduce Vehicle theft.
  • Aid decision making when they want to purchase a vehicle.
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