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West Blue Consulting is an innovative business and IT-consulting and technology firm.

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We Are Best At What We Do

West Blue Consulting is an innovative business and IT-consulting and technology firm founded in 2012.

Our Background

West Blue Consulting is a world class business and IT-consulting and technology firm. We transform the performance of leading organizations in both the private and public sectors. From concept to strategy development and detailed implementation, we consistently deliver our clients with rapid, high-impact results.

West Blue Consulting has built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions in the field of IT Services worldwide. West Blue Consulting is expanding on that reputation by adding other innovative IT projects to our resume in areas including power, renewable and sustainable energy and remediation and restoration solutions.

Based on our client's needs with the highest of ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspects, we aspire to exceed our customers' expectations. We embrace both Design-Build-Implement as well as alternative delivery methods to provide the most effective and efficient IT solutions to governments, NGOs and Private Organizations in Africa and across the globe. We recognize one of the most challenging issues to date is providing technology based cutting-edge solutions that meet business needs and requirements, and we are uncompromising in our dedication to this integral element in all our business activities. We pride ourselves in our commitment to our employees, and our longstanding client and partner relationships built through many years of outstanding quality and integrity.

West Blue Consulting has built up a range of bleeding edge key technologies to advance the company's core competences such as the on-going modernization drive of the Nigeria Customs Service with the introduction of the award-winning Nigeria Trade Hub (first of its kind in Africa), Pre-Arrival Assessment Report and ICT centre of Excellence training college, Abuja which was built to boost and enhance capacity building for organizations.

Looking to the future, we will continue to develop our already advanced enterprises and keep driving them onwards. We aim to consolidate a clear brand identity encompassing technology, product value, and service. Despite an increasingly competitive business environment, we vow to create the added value that will deliver true satisfaction to all our customers.

  • Trade Hub Information Portal

    The trade Information Portal provides information digitally and centrally for all the different ministries, departments, agencies and stakeholders involved in trade globally using latest technologies and mobile application for easy access.

  • Pre-Arrival Assessment Report

    The Pre-Arrival Assessment Report helps secure governments agenda in the area of Security, Revenue Mobilization and Trade Facilitation while ensuring a balance with the view to boost investor confidence.

  • Single Window Application Platform

    This solution helps automate the trade supply chain business processes hereby reducing time and cost of business operation; Increase productivity; Improve transparency and Integrity in ease of doing business.

  • National Automative Repository Portal

    This solution is designed to capture, store and collate relevant information on Vehicles such as the vehicle details from the manufacturer, registration details such as ownership, Vehicle maintenance record, incident or accident related record, crime information and vehicle disposal information.

  • IT Training Centre

    - ICT Management Training
    - ICDL Certification
    - Leadership Training
    - Computer Based Testing

Our Vision

A commitment to being a pace setting, innovating and world class sought after ICT organization.

Our Motto

Capacity building and Empowerment is at the core of what we do.

Our Mission

  • To ensure that IT is systematically used as an enabler in automating business processes and designing solutions to exceed clients' requirements.
  • To ensure Customer Satisfaction by providing sustainable solutions and quality, outstanding services.
  • To collaborate with clients to ensure true ownership of delivered products and solutions to ensure maximum impact.

Core Values

  • Accountability - Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies
  • Commitment - Committing to great solutions and services that impact lives within and outside the organization.
  • Diversity - Acknowledging and respecting diversity. Establishing an employee equity program.
  • Innovation - Pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.
  • Ownership - Accountability for the outcomes of service/solution delivery to our employees and clients.

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